Private: Sequester This

Written by Alex on February 25, 2013 - 0 Comments


We’re just days away from the infamous “Sequester” when automatic spending cuts that were supposedly too horrible to contemplate will go into effect.  For those not following this drama, the GOP and the Democrats agreed to Sequester in the belief that these cuts were so awful, so inconceivable that, in the face of them happening, the two sides would agree to a budget deal that would avoid them.


So much for believing in the reasonableness of members of Congress.


So, now, here we are just days away from Sequester, when cuts in the budget that will happen will have horrific effects on ordinary people.  And, as usual, the cuts will have no impact on members of Congress.  Their salaries won’t be frozen or cut. Their benefits won’t be lost. Their lives will not be changed in any meaningful way except that they’ll probably get more email than usual, which they will then ignore.


I tried to explain this to our 18-month old son, Ivan.  I tried to explain how and why the adults are ruining his future.  I was embarrassed.


When I finished explaining to Ivan he said, “Bye-bye.”  (which I took to mean, throw the bums out of office).


As usual out of the mouths of babes, come true wisdom.



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