Tales of a Middle-Aged Man #68 – School

Written by Alex on February 25, 2018 - 0 Comments

Dear Ivan:

As you know, you’ve been off from school for a week because of “Winter Break.”  This is not to be confused with the week off from school that’s coming up in about a month that is known as “Spring Break.”

Now, how the school system has figured out a way to separate Winter and Spring by just one month is somewhat beyond Mommy and me.  In the World in which we live, Winter starts with the first cold, rainy days in October and continues until May when the weather is finally warm enough to not wear a jacket everyday.  That’s 7 months of Winter.  That’s not Winter and then next month is Spring.  Rather, it’s extended cold, wet, dreary months (sometimes, less wet, more cold; other times less cold and more wet) then followed by a gradual warming through April, May, the beginning of June.

But, beyond that, what we’re trying to understand is how in a World in which everyone knows America is falling behind every country on Earth when it comes to education, you keep getting time off.  We don’t blame you.  If it were me, I’d take the time off too.  But, how you’re supposed to learn anything when every time you turn around it’s another vacation week is somewhat beyond me.

I mention this because I wanted to make the point that, in fact, you have to go to school tomorrow.  I don’t care if school is boring and stupid.  You haven’t been in a week, and you need to learn something besides how to get me to keep buying you snacks.

Love always,


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