Private: The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

Written by Alex on March 3, 2013 - 0 Comments



Here are today’s top political stories:


1. Mitt Romney said he lost the Presidential Election of 2012 because he and his campaign failed to connect with minority voters.  When asked why this was, Mr. Romney said he thought it might have been because of the light reflecting off his alabaster-White skin, which may have blinded some voters.  That and his bad ideas and policies.


2. The White House and Republicans in Congress continued their standoff over budget cuts and the so-called “Sequester” (a made-up term that no one understands).  In remarks today, President Obama said he wanted a “balanced approach” including taxes on the rich who can “afford their fair share.” In response, Speaker John Boehner said that the GOP wanted to cut spending for “all these annoying poor people who just have their hands out.”  Then, they both went home in their chaffeur-driven limos, had lunch served by their personal wait-staffs and looked up their respective million-dollar stock holdings.


Tune in next week for TODAY’S POLITICAL NEWS, which will basically be the same as this week’s.


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